Southwest Christian Academy is a Christian school whose outreach is to families who are committed personally to Christ, Christian values and to the Word of God as our source for truth and daily living.  We are concerned about the well-being of all students and we desire to minister to individual needs, whether spiritual or academic, as we draw each student into a closer walk with the Lord while teaching a keen appreciation of the work ethic and the rewards that follow.  As you begin your tour through the admissions process, please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you might have at 281-561-7400.

Evaluation for entrance and grade placement at Southwest Christian Academy is based on parent interview, student interview, and previous school records.  Falsifying information is considered a serious offense and can result in possible dismissal of the student or subsequent required testing and evaluation of the student.  The parents and the school must make an honest evaluation of the student to assure optimal learning in the classroom.  The foundational skills required in the early grades (K-3), are essential before moving to the more independent skills expected from grade 4 and up.  Parents must be willing to support their children with necessary individual help in evening studies, and/or private tutoring when deemed necessary.

All students are expected to comply with behavioral guidelines.  Students in grades 6-12 are asked to personally sign a Statement of Cooperation.  In addition to the expected parental support, we expect our Middle and High School students to accept accountability for their own conduct.  Students must be willing to align themselves with our philosophy of education and promote the standards deemed characteristic of our school.  Our dress code requires uniforms.

Attending  Southwest Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right.  This privilege is conditioned upon all family members showing support toward the administration and faculty of the school.  All students must qualify for entry each year, whether seeking admission for the first time or re-admission for an upcoming year.

Extended Day Care School is a one hour before and after school ministry intended to meet the needs of our students and families where both parents or a single parent must work.  We provide a relaxed environment for our students.  Their schedule will include an opportunity to snack, to play outdoors in pleasant weather, and to participate in games and other organized play.  Students who wish to complete homework will be provided the opportunity to do so.  Rules regarding student behavior are applicable to Extended Day School.